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Please Note: This is section is almost entirely drawn from Scion: Hero. However, the JSR combat rules additions can be found buried in here somewhere.

Join Battle

Everyone rolls Wits + Awareness. The highest roller sets the reaction count. The first person to react acts on Tick 0. Everyone else acts on the tick that = the reaction count – their JB successes. No character can join battle later than Tick 6.

To join a battle that’s already in progress, roll JB as above against the reaction count. This time the difference determines how many ticks a character must wait until he can take his first action.


Diceless actions can be performed alongside normal actions and grants a -2 penalty to any normal actions taken.

Multiple attacks/actions can be made on the same turn at a maximum of two (or three, with the Blitzkrieg Knack). Making multiple attacks or actions grants a defense penalty of -2, a dice penalty of -4 to the dice pools of each action, and a Speed equal to the greater Speed of the two actions. The attacker may attack two targets at one time or one target twice.

Name Speed DV Action Type Description
Aim up to 3 -1 Interruptable Gain number of dice equal to ticks aimed.
Attack Varies Varies Normal Normal defense penalty is -1; making two attacks on one turn is -2. For two attacks, can reduce the target’s DV either by -1 for both or -2 for the second attack.
Boon 5 -1 Normal Standard Boon stats, unless otherwise noted.
Clinch 6 1/2 DV Normal Grab an opponent, rendering him/her Inactive.
Coordinate Assault 5 -2 Normal Cha + Com; 2 people/success; to benefit from Coordinated Assault, character must attack on the coordinator’s next action. Target suffers DV penalty = # of attackers OR Cha + Com successes, whichever is lower.
Dash 3 -2 Diceless A flat-out sprint. May not Dash and then Move on the same turn. May not Dash while prone. May Dash and perform a rolled action simultaneously, but takes -2 on the rolled action.
Guard 3 -0 Interruptable Delays your action. Good idea for Coordinated Assault.
Inactive 5 DV = 0 Unique Inactive characters do not take notable actions and cannot defend themselves.
Knack 0 -0 Reflexive Most Knacks are Reflexive unless stated otherwise.
Move 0 -0 Reflexive May be performed on every tick, provided you are not Dashing or prone.

Miscellaneous Actions

Standard Misc Action Varies -1 Varies Take -2 dice to your misc action, if rolling is required.
Focused Misc Action Varies DV = 0 Varies Ignore the battle to focus on your task.
Driving 5 -1 Diceless Driving on a smooth road without any obstacles.
Get Object 5 -1 Diceless Drawing a weapon or retrieving an item.
Get Up 5 -1 Diceless You get knocked down, but you get up again.
Hide 5 -1 Normal Dex + Stealth; incurs a -2 dice penalty. Opponents reflexively contest with Per + Awa.
Jumping 5 -1 Diceless Not reflexive. Incurs a -2 dice penalty to any other action performed the same tick.
Take a Hit 5 DV = 0 Diceless You may take a hit meant for someone else once every five ticks.

Defense Value

Parry DV: Without a stunt, unarmed defenses cannot parry attacks that inflict Lethal damage.

DV Modifiers

C: Conditional penalties. Effective until cause removed.
L: Lasting penalties. Effective until DV refreshes on target’s turn.
I: Instant penalties. Effective for one instant, the duration of one attack.

Situation DV Modifier Type
30% Hard Cover (Using a Shield) +1 C
60% Hard Cover +2 C
90% Hard Cover +3 C
Higher Ground Than Attacker +(1-3) C
Lower Ground Than Attacker -(1-3) C
Onslaught Penalty -1/(Legend) attacks L
Prone -1 melee/+1 ranged C
Running Faster than Half Speed 0 DV C
Suffer Multiple Attacks -(1 or 2) I
Taking Actions -(Defense Penalty) L
Under Coordinated Assault See above I
Unstable Terrain -(1-3) C
Wearing Armor -(Mobility Penalty) C
Wound Penalties -(1-4) C

Additional Effects

  • Bleeding: Character loses another level of lethal damage every (Sta) minutes. Staunching a wound requires a (Wits + Medicine) roll versus the number of lethal or aggravated levels associated with that wound. The character may reflexively make a (Sta + For) roll at diff 2 to stop her own bleeding.
  • Crippling Wounds: Applies only to mortals; those who survive a single injury that inflicts four or more levels of lethal or aggravated damage suffer a crippling wound. The wound penalty it hit is the penalty the mortal suffers on any actions using the crippled area, even after healing.
  • Knockdown/Knockback: When a character suffers greater raw damage than her unmodified (Sta + For) total, the attack knocks her to the ground prone. She may reflexively roll either (Dex + Ath) or (Sta + For) at diff 2 to stay on her feet. Knackback is similar, except character is thrown back 1 yd/3 dice of raw damage.

Failing in an attempt to stabilize a character causes them to immediately take three more dying boxes; botching instantly kills them.

Recovering From Wounds

Recovery assumes that the character is taking it easy and is resting in bed. Characters who act as normal take twice as long to heal. Characters cannot act as normal while Incapacitated.


Mortal Time Scion Time
12 hours/box 3 hours/box

Lethal and Aggravated

Wound Level Mortal Time Scion Time
-0 1 day 6 hours
-1 1 week 2 days
-2 2 weeks 4 days
-4 1 month 1 week
I 1 month 1 week

Special Attacks

Name Bonuses Penalties Effect
Autofire Short Burst +1 atk Fires three bullets. Cannot be used in a multiple attack action.
Autofire Long Burst +2 atk Fires 10 bullets. Can be used in a multiple attack action.
Crippling Attack -1 atk May reduce levels of lethal damage to specified amount to inflict a disabling wound.
Disarming -2 atk melee; -4 ranged Send target’s weapon 1 ft away per die of damage.
Fierce Blow +3B or +2L/A -1 atk An all-out attack.
Flat of the Blade -1 atk; -2 dmg Lethal weapon inflicts bashing damage if it hits.
Pulling a Blow -1 atk May reduce levels of damage to a minimum of 1.
Sweep Knockdown 0 dmg Character knocks a target down.
The “Zorro” Humiliation -2 atk; 0 dmg For shooting an enemy’s waxed mustache off or imposing a custom scar on target’s backside.


A successful Clinch attack renders the target Inactive and the grappler may choose one of three maneuvers:

  • Break Hold: May throw a victim in any direction over a number of yards = Strength. May also throw the victim down (rendering him prone), or release the victim.
  • Crush: The grappler inflicts damage as per the Clinch attack.
  • Hold: The grappler pins the victim without inflicting harm.

On the grappler’s next action, the victim and the grappler both roll contested grapple checks. Whoever wins gets to either take or keep control of the grapple and immediately take one of the three above actions.

Underwater Combat

While fighting in water:

  • Everyone moves at half their normal speed.
  • Everyone is at half their normal DV.
  • Everyone suffers from a -5 success penalty to any physical action rolls while in the water; this penalty is lessened by one success for each dot of Athletics you have.

Combat Reference

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