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Character Creation
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Character Creation

Scions, the servants of the gods who carry their divine spark within them, are surprising and powerful creatures from the moment that they receive a Visitation and are invested with their divine destiny. As soon as the child of a god becomes a Scion, he gains powers beyond the reach of mere mortal men and must prepare himself to face trials and dangers he has never dreamed of.

Nature and Calling

A Scion’s Nature is his most basic and personal motivation, describing his style as a character and divine hero. He may choose from any Nature available; once chosen, his Nature may not be changed again after the game starts except at Storyteller discretion.

A Scion’s Calling describes what he is most inclined to do and be in his life, and may be any single word or short-phrase description that the player wishes. Callings should help give the Storyteller an idea of who your character is and what they do, and might be as simple as “Fisherman” or as complex as “Heir to the Throne”. Callings do not have any direct mechanical effect on a Scion.


All of a Scion’s Attributes start at two dots, representing that she is at least moderately capable at most basic skills. The Scion then receives nine dots to put into any Attributes she wishes. She may combine them in any way she chooses, but she may only spend a maximum of five dots in any one category (Physical, Social or Mental).


All Scions begin with 150 points to spend on Abilities. Higher-level Abilities cost more than lower-level ones, according to the following table:

Dots 1 2 3 4 5
Favored Ability Cost 1 3 6 10 15
Unfavored Ability Cost 2 6 12 20 30

If a Scion purchases a specialized Ability (Art, Craft, Control or Science) at five dots, all other specializations of that Ability cost half the normal price on the table above (rounded up).

Note: The costs are not cumulative.


All Scions begin with a basic set of four Virtues determined by their pantheon. A Scion may choose to swap out any one of his Virtues for any other at character creation, but the XP cost for him to purchase his Pantheon-Specific Purview is permanently increased from four times the boon’s level to five when he does so. Once a Scion has chosen his Virtues at character creation, he may not change them again after the game has begun. Each Virtue begins at one dot; the Scion then receives four more dots to place as he wishes (although he cannot put all four into the same Virtue).

A Scion’s starting Willpower pool is equal to the total of his two highest Virtues. If he purchases more Virtues in the future and raises that total, his Willpower will increase as well.

Epic Attributes

The Scion gains five dots of Epic Attributes, which she may spend however she wishes. For a starting Legend 2 Scion, no Epic Attribute may go above one dot; if she wishes, the Scion may exchange a dot of Epic Attributes to gain 15 more points toward buying Abilities instead. For each dot of an Epic Attribute the Scion gains, she may choose two first-level knacks in that Attribute (this applies only at character creation; Epic Attributes purchased with XP after the game begins grant only one knack).


The Scion gains five dots of level-one Boons, which he may choose from any in the game. If a Scion chooses, he may use these dots to gain second-level boons if he has an appropriate first-level boon in the same purview; these higher-level boons are unusable until he becomes Legend 3, at which point they are instantly available for the Scion’s use. If he chooses, he may exchange one Boon to gain 10 more points toward buying Abilities instead. Since Hero-level Scions cannot channel purviews without Relics, note that he will need to spend one Relic dot for each different purview he chooses to buy Boons from.


The Scion gains five dots worth of Birthrights, magical tools, allies or features that are permanently tied to his Legend. The Scion may put no more than three dots into a single relic at character creation, but may use them for whatever custom powers, purview accesses or types of Followers the Storyteller deems appropriate for the cost.

All of the above rules are designed for the creation of Legend 2 beginning Scions, fresh from their Visitations. Higher-level Heroes should be created according to the rules above, and then receive XP according to the chart below to illustrate their greater level of power:

Legend Rating Additional XP to Apply
3 30
4 100

This XP should be spent exactly as it would be during the course of a normal Scion game.

Character Creation

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