The Aesir god of the snowy wastes


Alternate Names Holler, Ollerus, Ull, Ullin, Ullr, Vulder, Wulthuz
Pantheon The Aesir
Powers Dexterity Perception Frost Psychopomp
Abilities Athletics, Fortitude, Integrity, Marksmanship, Melee, Survival


Sif’s son is an archer without compare and the god of the snowy wastes in which the Aesir live, as at home in the ice and frost of the wilderness as he is in the warmth of his own hall. His prowess on skis is legendary, and has led to him enjoying a small cult following even in modern times among ski enthusiasts. Married to the giantess Skadi after she left Njord, Uller is also a renowned traveler and accounted the swiftest among all the mighty Aesir.

Uller and Odin

Odin’s exploits as a trickster and magician, as well as the machinations of his wife Frigg, so damaged his reputation that the other gods decided to exile him rather than have his misbehavior reflect on them all. The gods, however, worried that without him their own worship would decline and sought to replace him. They elected Uller to rule over them, and the frost-god was so dedicated to his role that he even took on the name Odin himself. He ruled as Odin for ten years, until the real Odin returned to reclaim his throne; angered by Uller’s presumption, he banished him for his impersonation, whereupon Uller created magical skis that allowed him to skate across the ocean in his flight away from Asgard.


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