The Swan Maiden


(Image: Freckled Nose by Alesana Core)

Alternate Names Bogdana, Bożdana, Maureen Deirdre Hickey, Meadhbhín, Meddwyn, Neferapdet
Pantheon The Found, The Tuatha
Primary Powers Charisma Appearance Artistry Health
Primary Abilities Art, Athletics, Empathy, Fortitude, Integrity, Presence

Character Sheet

Maybe we ought to start with dinner. Catching up is best done with good food and strong drink.

No one knows parties better than the Swan Maiden. She is the goddess of hospitality, good food, and good drink, a mistress of hearth and health, a fine storyteller and poet, and a dancer without equal. She is also a goddess of beauty and sexuality, a free spirit whose hand many have tried (and failed) to take in marriage. Any petitioners must first be greeted by the Swan Maiden before they can begin the process of speaking to the Mother of the Lost — and she is always the hostess of any kind of holy gathering.

The Swan Maiden and the Crooked One

While seeking the lost souls so as to restore the old gods, the Swan Maiden, the Drowned King, Resolve, La Dama, and Stormchaser all ended up under the sway of the Crooked One, who had extracted from them a promise to stay at his home until the Blackthorn Throne flowered. They stayed for many seasons, but the Blackthorn Throne did not so much as bud. Each of them grew malnourished and despirited under the Crooked One’s hospitality; until one day the Swan Maiden realized that her loved ones had grown quiet and dour. She charmed the Crooked One into allowing her to to take over as hostess one night, and, touched by her hand, the drink turned plentiful and rich, the food became hot and delicous, and the company livened. Though the Crooked One grew displeased and ceased the festivities, the Swan Maiden had managed to restore her loved ones and win the hearts of the Crooked One’s servants, thus taking from him his power.

The Swan Maiden

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