The Nemetondevos god of crafts and sciences


Alternate Names Albiorix, Medros, Toutatis
Pantheon The Nemetondevos
Powers Charisma Intelligence Manipulation Guardian Justice
Abilities Academics, Art, Integrity, Investigation, Politics, Presence


Teutates is above all other things a teacher, the god who bestowed upon humanity all of its useful skills. He is the patron of crafts and sciences, a lover of knowledge and study and a staunch defender of the progress of society. The destruction of the Gaulish culture at the hands of Rome was an especially great blow for him, as he had helped to nurture and create much of said culture. Still, he stands as protector for all of his people and teaches those few remaining with infinite care and wisdom.

Teutates and Hermes

When Rome conquered Gaul and began absorbing the foreign religion into its own, they equated Teutates with Hermes and began determinedly destroying every reference to him that did not fit this interpretation. This was especially galling because, although Hermes is a patron of commerce and a teacher of mankind, he is also a trickster and a thief, neither qualities that Teutates espouses. The two gods seldom make contact, but there is little doubt that Teutates would love to punish the God of Thieves sorely for his part in destroying the culture he had so carefully built.


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