The Bogovi god of vigilance, prophecy, and war


Alternate Names Suvid, Svantevith, Svetovid, Svevid, Svyatovid, Svyatovit, Vid
Pantheon The Bogovi
Powers Perception Animal (Horse) Fertility Prophecy War
Abilities Animal Ken, Awareness, Command, Control, Occult, Presence

Sasha, you will be happy to know your Patriots are going to have a very good season. Though do not bet while you are drunk, that is just a bad idea.

Svantovit is one of the most beloved of the Slavic gods, the favorite of Svarozhich himself and an often-sought companion and counselor to his pantheon. Each of his four heads faces one of the cardinal directions, allowing him to keep all of creation under scrutiny at once, and his skill at reading the omens of the future (and, occasionally, revealing them even to humanity) is unrivaled among his people. Despite these somewhat passive skills, Svantovit is not a god who sits on the sidelines; he frequently rides with his pantheon into war on one of the many shining white horses sacred to him, spreading illumination when Svarozhich is otherwise occupied and leading the bravest of charges against anyone who challenges them. He is also one of the four Divine kings, the guardian of the daytime and the southern portion of the world.

Svantovit and Svarozhich

All of the gods were secretly jealous of Svarozhich’s beautiful golden-maned steed, which he rode through the heavens as swiftly as the light of the sun and as effortlessly as a breeze. Though they knew that Svarozhich would be angry if he discovered them imitating his glory, the gods sought out the most perfect horses of the world for their own anyway, each secretly hiding and riding them at their most celebrated temples and their most secret hideaways. Nothing could be hidden from Svarozhich for long, however, and he flew into a rage at discovering this duplicity; thinking quickly, Svantovit declared that he was merely training the horse in order to turn it over to humanity, as he had noticed that all the other gods had given humanity gifts. Though Svarozhich then punished the other gods sorely, Svantovit was able to convince him that it would be all right to give mortals a small taste of his gifts of prophecy, as they would not understand how to interpret it properly. Henceforth, Svantovit was the only other god who was allowed to openly keep horses to compete with Svarozhich’s, and he taught his priests to forecast the future by means of leading the horses through a field of signs and marking which ones they chose to step over or avoid.

Svantovit’s Gifts

Though he knew it was against Svarozhich’s decrees to interfere with the affairs of mortals, Svantovit’s prophetic powers allowed him to see how to help them without directly involving himself. He instructed them to lead his snow-white horse into battle with them whenever they went to war; the horse ran and thrashed with such vigor across the field that the mortals were sure that Svantovit fought invisibly alongside them and were heartened by the knowledge that he was lending them his divine aid. Seeing that they also required help in their everyday lives, he told his priests to ensure that every statue of him in a sacred shrine was holding a drinking cup; each year, he secretly filled the cup with mead to tell them a glimpse of the future, and the priests knew that if the cup were mostly empty, there would be a lean harvest, while if it were brimming over the new year would bring plenty and prosperity.


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