Alternate Names Sanura Menmatre, Sebamiewet, Sorcha, Stjarniva, Zvedzmila
Pantheon The Found, The Netjer
Primary Powers CharismaAppearanceArtistryStars
Primary Abilities Academics, Art, Command, Empathy, Integrity, Presence

Character Sheet

Sort of, yeah… I guess it’s because of Mom being Goddess of Cats and so on. For a moment I considered being a dog person just to rebel… then I realized I was being contrary and the feline connection was meant to be.

The very picture of ethereal composure and comportment, Star-Bringer is a powerful presence among powerful presences. She is a goddess of the stars shining like bright, beautiful jewels in the delicate black veil of the night sky, and a patron of those who seek to cultivate their appearance — or others’ — in a similar fashion. If there is one thing that can break her composure, however, it is when children are threatened; she protects them fiercely and without mercy.

Star-Bringer and the Sun’s Shine

Star-Bringer’s consort, Sun-Bearer, bore the blood of the sun in his veins, which infused him with a constant blazing glory. However, few could get close to him without being consumed by his overpowering radiance. This horrified and grieved Sun-Bearer, so he quietly withdrew from the rest of the world save only when he carried the sun across the sky. Star-Bringer, seeing her lover’s suffering, spent many days and many nights crafting a beautiful, jeweled amulet that would hide his shine, allowing him to walk among others once more. When it was complete, she granted it to him, and Sun-Bearer was finally able to put his troubles to rest.

Star-Bringer and the Breaker of Worlds

Long ago, the Breaker of Worlds sought to destroy the Old World and replace it with one in his image. With much guile and care he managed to craft and carry out a plan to scatter the Old Gods so that they could not oppose him.

Star-Bringer and a group of other heroes came across a group of children of the Old Gods caught in the outermost threads of this grand plan; seeing that they were suffering, she rescued them and brought them to safety. However, the Breaker of Worlds caught on and sent Wrath after those who opposed him. Wrath easily hunted them down and brought them to the Breaker of Worlds, who locked them all in a deep sleep filled with nightmares that lasted many years.

And then, unopposed, he fractured the Old World.

But the Mother of the Lost gathered these children around her and kept them together, crafting the bonds that would sustain them through the end of the world. Eventually, when they had recovered enough and gathered enough power and resources, she sent them to rescue Star-Bringer and the others, as they had been rescued. This venture was successful, and Star-Bringer found herself in a world no longer like any she had known. She swore to undo what the Breaker of Worlds had done and restore the Old Gods. And so, with the Found, Star-Bringer set out on this quest.

Many trials awaited them, and many of their number were lost. However, new allies joined the cause and new bonds of friendship and love were forged and a New World was creatd. Eventually they were successful in restoring some of the Old Gods — and it appeared that their success would continue.

The Breaker of Worlds, however, could not allow this. His own resources and allies were dwindling. He sent Wrath while Fury was away, thinking that she would be able to put a stop to this, but Fury’s bond with the Swan Maiden proved to be Wrath’s demise. Desperate, he withdrew and waited, laying a trap to bind them to him for eternity in his nightmare. Sure enough, Star-Bringer, Sun-Bearer, Ken, Ulfynja and her siblings, and Jiffy fell into this trap as they sought him, scattered to the far ends of his dreamscape. But Star-Bringer would not allow herself to be bound as she had been before. She sought the others, and together they delved deep into the Breaker of Worlds’s heart. They found others trapped there along the way, and successfully petitioned them to join up with their cause. Together they were able to reach the Breaker of Worlds’s heart, where they found nothing but a tangle of countless chains, each and every link one forged of pains that the Breaker of Worlds had experienced. Seeing his pain, Star-Bringer offered him a chance to surrender so that they might bring him peace. Unable to deny the torment of his existence any longer, the Breaker of Worlds surrendered. And then he was untangled by Ken, and Ulfynja destroyed his links, and Sun-Bearer utterly obliterated the last of his existence.

And so the Breaker of Worlds died, and everyone was freed from his influence, and the New World’s safety from him was assured.


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