The Kami dragon god of the ocean


Alternate Names Owatatsumi, Rinjin
Pantheon The Kami
Powers Appearance Stamina Strength Animal (Jellyfish, Turtle) Moon Water
Abilities Athletics, Brawl, Fortitude, Occult, Politics, Presence


The god of the oceans is a fearsome sight to behold, usually in his preferred form of a massive, terrifying dragon, rising up out of the depths he calls home. He is the controller of the seas and is placated and prayed to by every sailor and fisherman wishing for a favorable catch or a safe voyage home; they are wise to do so, as his temper is equally dragonish and those who anger him meet a swift demise.

Ryujin and the Jellyfish

Ryujin created the first jellyfish to be his servant, a robust and hearty creature. It happened one day that Ryujin stumbled into a stinging reef and suffered from a horrible rash because of it; his court soothsayers said that the liver of a monkey would cure him of his ailment, so he sent the jellyfish to go fetch him one. The jellyfish made its way onto land and captured a monkey, but it was not very bright and believed the monkey’s story about keeping its liver in a jar in the woods for safekeeping. The jellyfish let the monkey go and searched the woods fruitlessly all night before realizing what had happened; ashamed, it returned to Ryujin, who was still stinging fiercely, and explained that it had lost the cure. Ryujin flew into a rage and beat the jellyfish so fiercely that he crushed all its bones into powder, which is why it, and all of its descendents, have no bones to this day.

Ryujin and Hoori

A young fisherman named Hoori once borrowed a fishhook from his brother, Hoderi, and then accidentally lost it. He apologized, but Hoderi demanded that he find the fishhook and return it to him, so to appease his brother he jumped into the ocean to seek the hook along its bottom. He became lost and stumbled upon an enormous, beautiful palace at the bottom of the sea, and met at its doors a princess so lovely that he at once begged her to marry him. She agreed, but her father burst forth from the back of the palace; it was Ryujin, and Hoori, though terrified, had to beg the dragon god for his daughter as well. Ryujin was reluctant to let his daughter go, but when she begged him he relented and allowed her to marry Hoori on the condition that they remained on the ocean floor in his palace. They lived happily thus for several years, but one day Hoori found the fishhook he had lost and began to yearn for his life on the surface again. He took his wife with him and went to the land, where he made peace with his brother and moved into his old house. His wife, about to give birth to their first child, cautioned him not to look into her chamber while she was in labor, but he was curious as to what she might be hiding and disobeyed her wishes. He beheld her in her true form as a sea dragon, and, shouting in fear and disgust, ran from the room; full of sorrow, she returned to Ryujin in the ocean, never to return, and Hoori was never able to set foot near the sea again for fear of being killed by his vengeful father-in-law.


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