The Netjer sun god and creator


Alternate Names Amun, Amun-Ra, Atum, Atum-Ra, Re, Tem-Ra
Pantheon The Netjer
Powers Charisma Perception Animal (Falcon, Ram) Justice Sun
Abilities Awareness, Command, Integrity, Medicine, Politics, Presence


Ra is the great sun god of the Egyptians, the source from which all life sprang and the great, all-seeing eye from which no action, good or bad, can be hidden. He guides the sun across the sky each day, and each night descends with it into the underworld; he is a god of merciless justice and benevolent creation in the same measure, and the father of the rest of the Netjer, who seldom forget their origins.

Ra and the Creation of Man

When Ra was born he was alone; he and his wife had created themselves from nothingness and existed in the primordial waters with no companions. Lonely, Ra created the earth and the land from his sweat, and from his tears of loneliness created mankind, that the gods would never be lonely again.

Ra and the Journey of the Sun

Each day, Ra shepherds the sun across the sky in Mandjet, the solar barque; each night, however, he must accompany it as it descends into the underworld, sailing through the darkness of Duat in Mesektet, the boat of the underworld. Every night when he travels the underworld’s river, the great serpent, Apep, attempts to devour the sun and plunge the world into darkness forever; Ra’s faithful guards, Horus and Set, beat back Apep’s attacks and preserve the sun for another day.


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