Alternate Names Alejandra Zarita Cruz
Pantheon The Teotl
Powers Charisma Animal (Ocelot) Guardian SunStars
Abilities Art, Awareness, Command, Empathy, Politics, Presence

Character Sheet


Having effectively ruled over two cities on the opposite ends of the Fifth World and creating an enviably large family by two husbands at the same time, Quipatlatl is a worthy successor to her father Tezcatlipoca’s patronage over rulership and sovereignty. She is also the goddess of both the concordant opposition of teotl and its unity, having at once been both divided and united herself.

Quipatlatl and Mictlan

After the crumbling of the Fifth World and the scattering of the gods, Quipatlatl descended into Mictlan by naught else but the power of her feet and the guidance of a foreigner who could find the path but knew not what awaited. No longer ruled by Mictlantecuhtli, Mictlan had grown wild, its already unforgiving trials now not only unpredictable but born of Mictlan’s ceaseless hunger. It was there she sought the spirit Cectlapaltetatzin, ripping him from the bowels of Mictlan — for, at the time, there was no one else she deemed worthy of being her consort and the father of her children.

But, as with everything else, Quipatlatl was not content to undergo this endeavor once. Alongside Ezmamacateotl and Etzlimahquipia, she once more went to Mictlan. The time which had passed found Mictlan even hungrier and more vicious and unpredictable. Jaguars stalked them even as razor winds tore at their flesh and mountains sought to crush them and the grass itself slashed their shoes to uselessness and cut their feet. But together they managed to survive, and brought out with them the spirits of the unworthy dead. Their deeds and their sacrifice drew the scattered gods to them, allowing them to once more return to their duties.


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