The Netjer god of craftsmen and the earth


Alternate Names Petah, Tanen, Tatenen, Tathenen, Tatjenen
Pantheon The Netjer
Powers Charisma Intelligence Perception Stamina Artistry Earth
Abilities Academics, Art, Awareness, Empathy, Investigation, Occult


Ptah, the lord of the primordial ground, is a god of earth and of shaping it, the patron of all craftsmen, particularly those who work with stone and ores. He is an ancient creator god, a peer of Ra and a being of incredible wisdom and intelligence, possessing the secrets of the cosmos at his fingertips. He is a giver of knowledge to mankind and a creator of material and living things, and as the personification of the sleeping underworld sun is a powerful ally to Osiris. Ptah is also the keeper of the ka, the eternal, undying spirit of each being.

Ptah and the Divine Order

When mankind was created, they were quarrelsome and the world was chaotic, and Ptah desired that there should be order created out of the madness. Ptah took the first men and made their tongues able to speak and their hearts to beat hotly, and he gave dominion over the body to the hearts and tongues, so that they should always control all its other parts. Thus mankind became ruled by their hearts and tongues, by what they said, thought and felt; Ptah was satisfied that he had created order for them and retired to the lands of the gods, never to meddle in their affairs again.


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