The Kami goddess of honor, prosperity, and illusion


Alternate Names Marichi, Marici, Marishaten, Molizhitian
Pantheon The Kami
Powers Appearance Dexterity Animal (Boar) Illusion Sun
Abilities Command, Empathy, Fortitude, Integrity, Larceny, Stealth


Marishiten is an odd woman out among the Kami; she is a convert to Buddhism, something that most of the Shinto deities view as a great treason against them. Nevertheless, the sun goddess’s prowess in war and unprecedented powers of illusion make her too valuable a member of the pantheon to simply banish, and her calm, unruffled nature allows her to take their heavy disapproval in stride. A patron of the samurai clans, she is a goddess of honor and fair play, and as a goddess of prosperity her abundance and healing light are revered by Buddhist and Shinto worshipers alike.

Marishiten and the Hunter

One day, a hunter was walking when he spied a boar the size of a bull, pure white and beautiful. He did not know that this was Marishiten in the form of a boar, and he declared that he would kill the boar and take it home for his family’s dinner. The boar warned him that to kill a heavenly boar would anger the gods, but the hunter declared that if he met such a god he would merely kill him, too. The boar then led the hunter a chase to the top of a mountain; Marishiten’s divine skin could not freeze, but an ice storm whipped up that froze the undevout hunter’s flesh in place, and he died still staring at Marishiten’s beautiful white hide.


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