The Netjer goddess of magic, the family, and stars


Alternate Names Aset, Ese, Esi, Sopdet, Usat
Pantheon The Netjer
Powers Charisma Manipulation Wits Guardian Health Magic Stars
Abilities Empathy, Integrity, Medicine, Occult, Politics, Presence

Besides, the stars tell me… You have a special affinity for them, and they you. Reading stars is a lost art, and a talent so rare that it’s worth fostering.

Isis is the celestial caregiver, a goddess of family and the perfect epitome of faithful wife and loving mother, defending her family to the last and, through them, all of Egypt’s people. She is also a goddess of magic and the mysteries of the unknown and a bringer of the bounty of the harvest, particularly because she controls the stars and their light, which inform mankind of the right times to plant and harvest. She is also a goddess of great cunning who proves ruthless in her schemes to protect and advance her family’s fortunes, and despite the fact that her husband is no longer the king, the other gods of the Netjer know that they ignore her at their peril.

Isis and Osiris

When Set had killed Osiris and cut him into fourteen pieces, Isis mourned his death so thoroughly that her tears caused the Nile to flood for the first time. She set out to find the many pieces and searched near and far, finding thirteen of them; the final piece, Osiris’ phallus, she was unable to find as it had been swallowed and digested by a fish. She desired a child by her husband sorely, however, so she fashioned a replacement phallus out of gold for him and used her magical arts to animate it; soon she was pregnant with Horus, and fled to the far marshes to give birth to him out of sight of his possible enemies.

Isis and Ra

Isis, wishing to become the mistress of all magics, coveted Ra’s power and wanted to steal it from him. She persuaded the cobra goddess Wadjet to sneak up on Ra and bite him, pumping him full of poison; when he cried out to Isis for healing, she refused to aid him unless he told her his true name, the secret of all his power. Ra initially refused, but as he felt his strength ebbing from him and knew that he was going to die, he had no choice but to give in. Armed with Ra’s true name, Isis usurped all of his magical powers and disseminated them as she chose among the other gods of the Netjer; Ra was healed, but never forgave her for her conniving.

Isis and Min

Though she had restored her husband to a semblance of life in the underworld, Isis was lonely and seldom saw him, for he was busy with his kingdom and she spent all her efforts on aiding her son. One day, she saw him striding through the fields and went to him gladly, seducing him with sweet words and dancing; after she had lain with him, however, she found that she had mistaken the fertility god Min for her husband. She swore him to secrecy to avoid Osiris’ wrath, but as a god of potency he was irresistible, and she returned to be his clandestine lover occasionally from that day forward.


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