The Netjer goddess of joy, art, and celebration


Alternate Names Bat, Hesat, Hesahet, Hesaret, Mehet-Uret, Mehet-Weret, Mehturt, Mehurt
Pantheon The Netjer
Powers Appearance Charisma Animal (Cow) Fertility Health Stars
Abilities Animal Ken, Art, Empathy, Medicine, Politics, Presence

Ooooooh… I can hardly stand it… You were such a beautiful baby and now you’re such a beautiful woman.

Hathor is one of the most beloved of Egypt’s goddesses, a benevolent, understanding and stunningly beautiful figure responsible for all artistic endeavor and happiness in the world. The goddess of joy, celebration, music and art, she presides over festivals whose sole purpose is to bring joy to the participants; she is also a goddess of the family, and is known to protect children, provide their mothers with new siblings and to heal their small ills with infinite care. The star-spangled Heavenly Cow who looks down from the sky upon her people, Hathor is also a bringer of life-giving vegetation and bounty so that her myriad children may eat, and is renowned as one of the most beautiful and loving goddesses ever to reach out to mankind.

Hathor and Ra

It came to pass that Ra, having long ago created the world, became tired of its constant noise, mess and disobedience and declared that he would dissolve it back into nothingness, taking the time to rest before attempting to recreate it anew. The gods were afraid that he would make good on his threat and destroy all of existence for good until Hathor, resplendent and smiling, called on her father; she lifted up her garment to expose the full glory of her beautiful body, whereupon Ra laughed heartily and declared that he could never destroy anything so beautiful, relenting and overturning his decision.


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