The Nemetondevos god of smiths


Alternate Names Gobenmaglos, Goibnhiu, Goibniu
Pantheon The Nemetondevos
Powers Intelligence Stamina Strength Artistry Earth Fire
Abilities Academics, Art, Fortitude, Integrity, Melee, Thrown


The smith god of the Nemetondevos is a figure of immense strength and relentless inquisitiveness, a creator among the greatest ever seen by god or man. He is the chief armorer and inventor of the Nemetondevos, a tireless worker at a monumental forge, from whence the sparks fly out to become the stars. He is the possessor of many secrets of engineering and invulnerability, but always seeks more, ready to bend his intelligence to aid the rest of his pantheon.

Gobnhios and Hephaestus

The two smiths have seldom seen one another face-to-face, as neither’s place is in the front lines of the battlefield, but Gobnhios’ worship was replaced by Hephaestus’ in the conquest of Gaul, and as a result he is his greatest enemy among the Theoi. Surely either of them would love to test his creating skills against the other, but so far no such confrontation has occurred.


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