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Alternate Names Alexandras Petrov, Alúnis, Artimutė, Hedjqed, Molotok Solntsa, Molotok, Sasha!
Pantheon The Bogovi, The Found
Powers Strength Charisma Fire Prophecy Sun
Abilities Art, Empathy, Fortitude, Integrity, Melee, Presence

Character Sheet

Ahhhhh Doviluzė! Yesutė! Good morning!

The Hammer of Svarozhich was born to carry out his father’s word in the bright light of day and make sure everyone knows about it in the process. He is the relentless demolisher of old, rotting things and a tireless builder of new structures before the day is done. However, in his aspect as the Keeper of Yesen’s Hearth, he is warm and cheerful, always ready to offer a helping hand or kind word. His light turns from bold to gentle, serving as a guide to inner peace and a reminder that there is hope.

Dobrozhe’s Childhood

Before the Unraveled Age, the Bogovi did not interfere in mortals’ affairs due to Svarozhich’s decree. However, a dark fortune told by Svantovit hinting towards the gods’ only hope being with two half-mortal children left even Svarozhich uneasy; eventually fair-minded Prove decided that the ten ruling deities ought to draw lots to see which two among them would conceive children with mortals so as to have invaluable allies in the World. One of the two was Svarozhich, who, after careful consideration and counsel, fathered Dobrozhe on the mortal woman married to Morevuka’s mortal father. They were thereby raised together as brother and sister, and developed a strong familial bond which aided them in their search for the lost gods.

Dobrozhe and the Lanterns

When the Unraveled Age began, the world was thrown out of balance. Chaos reigned — great beasts once more ruled the lands, the waters rose, and natural disasters tore ceaselessly at the earth. Though Dobrozhe survived, he feared that his beloved sister had not; and, after many years, he decided to travel to Peklo to determine the answer once and for all. After yet more years, he reached the Cave of Lanterns, where he found the fearsome guardian Stergti still faithfully guarding them despite his terrible lady being missing. Dobrozhe, seeing how faithful and lonely he was, promised not to enter the cave without permission, and offered to stay and keep Stergti company. The guardian was delighted, and so Dobrozhe stayed.

After some time, Dobrozhe asked Stergti to go find his sister’s lantern and tell him whether or not it was empty. Because Dobrozhe himself was not entering the cave and he was a friend, Stergti agreed to this request. Several days later Stergti returned, telling Dobrozhe that his sister’s lantern was not empty. Dobrozhe thanked Stergti profusely. But then, plagued by doubt, asked him if he was certain that it was in fact his sister’s lantern — after all, Stergti would not know his sister’s handprint by heart like he did. After some consideration, Stergti agreed to allow Dobrozhe into the cave, leading him to the handprint that marked his sister’s lantern. Seeing that it was, in fact, his sister’s, Dobrozhe thanked Stergti profusely and exited the cave. But soon doubt plagued Dobrozhe once more — yes, his sister’s lantern had oil in it still, but would it be enough for Dobrozhe to find her? So he asked Stergti if he could fill her lantern with oil, reasoning that, not only did he have permission to enter the cave now, but that his sister was the child of a god and a mortal like him, and so was not quite either, which would mean he wasn’t breaking any non-interference rules. After some thought, Stergti agreed; and so Dobrozhe filled his sister’s lantern completely with oil, guaranteeing her a long life.

Shortly thereafter, driven by a vision, Dobrozhe left Peklo, exchanging fond farewells with the faithful guardian.


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