The Bogovi goddess of the moon and the sun’s light


Alternate Names Hors, Khors
Pantheon The Bogovi
Powers AppearanceMoonSun
Abilities Art, Integrity, Larceny, Occult, Presence, Stealth

Oh, hello! I’m sorry, don’t mind my frivolous problems. I’ll let you have Sasha back.

Luminous Chors is perhaps one of the most beautiful of all goddesses, a gentle, elegant maiden whose light is always just enough to comfort and uplift, never bright enough to hurt. As shy and retiring as many of her pantheon’s members are boisterous, she travels the sky each night, shepherding the moon along its path while she uses its light to illuminate the world below. To the eastern Slavs, her light was the faint, welcoming light of the gentle sun, which she also carries safely through the Underworld when it is not in use above. As the light in the darkness, day or night no matter how faint and tired, she brings hope and relief to the weary traveler.

Chors, Radegast, and Stribog

Though Chors was so beautiful that many of the Bogovi sought her hand, she was in love only with Radegast, the lordly god of the stars who she often saw when they were both shepherding the heavenly lights of the evening. Radegast paid no attention to anything but his duties, however, so Chors pined for his affections until one night a mysterious figure wrapped in stars appeared in her room; believing that he at last returned her love, she welcomed him with open arms and conceived a child. In the light of day, however, it was revealed that it had not been Radegast at all but rather the wind-god Stribog, masquerading as the god she loved. The divine courts ruled that Stribog would be punished by never knowing the child he had fathered; Chors desperately attempted to convince them not to take the baby from her, but the justice of the gods could not be avoided. Svarozhich took the baby girl at birth and declared that she had been only a dream, causing her to vanish as if she had never been, and Chors spent every night thereafter searching the world fruitlessly for any sign of her lost daughter.

Chors and Svarozhich

Chors was law-abiding and did not question her kings, but she noticed one night in her travels above the world that there was a particularly beautiful mortal girl who was wretchedly unhappy, and who bore the signs of having been touched by divinity. Watching her closely each night, Chors realized that the girl was being secretly visited by the god Svarozhich, who prevented her from bearing any children so that no one would discover his indiscretion. Reminded of her own sorrow and seeing the girl as the daughter she had lost, Chors went to Svarozhich and convinced him to make her a goddess rather than allow her to continue to suffer; when he agreed, she aided him by sneaking past the goddess Podaga to steal some of the mead of immortality, which was granted to the girl so that she became the goddess of music, Pizamar.


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