The Teotl goddess of water


Alternate Names Acuecucyoticihuati, Atlacamani, Matlalcueitl
Pantheon The Teotl
Powers Charisma Animal (Snake) Health Water
Abilities Empathy, Fortitude, Integrity, Medicine, Presence, Survival

I’m so sorry, Lord. You gave your blood in sacrifice. I dare not erase that.

Chalchiuhtlicue is one of the most welcomed and benevolent of the Teotl goddesses, the mistress of rivers, streams, lakes and all sources of water in the desert for her people. Beautiful and normally gentle of temperament, her nature becomes wilder and wilder the further out to sea one encounters her, and for this reason the ancient Aztecs were hesitant to venture too far into the salt waters. As Tlaloc’s wife, she aids him by dispersing his rain across the landscape in her running rivers and placid springs; as the patron goddess of women in childbirth and infants too young to defend themselves, she is a source of healing and strength.

Chalchiuhtlicue and Tezcatlipoca

After the third world had burned away to nothing, the gods created the fourth world and Chalchiuhtlicue became its sun, vowing to put an end to the discord wrought in the first three worlds by Quetzalcoatl’s and Tezcatlipoca’s feud. She shone brightly and lovingly upon the world and treated all of the people with kindness, supplying all their wants, but Tezcatlipoca was dissatisfied with the fourth world and sought to replace it once again. He whispered harsh and hurtful things to her, claiming that she was not truly kind but rather was only behaving so in order to fool the people and the other gods into loving her; she was so devastated by his accusations that she cried tears of blood for the next fifty-two years, destroying the fourth world. In her compassion, however, when she saw that the people were in danger of drowning, she turned them into fish so that they could survive the floods.


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