The Deva creator god of order and wisdom


Alternate Names Berahma, Berma, Piraman, Prajapati, Thada Phrom
Pantheon The Deva
Powers Intelligence Stamina Artistry Illusion Magic
Abilities Academics, Art, Awareness, Fortitude, Occult, Survival


Brahma is the great creator god of the Deva, self-born out of nothingness in order to create the rest of the world and all the beings in it. He is a god of order and benevolence, seldom meddling in the affairs of mankind but always revered as its ultimate originator. He is a god of serenity, of peace and wisdom, and of constant bounty; as the first god of the Trimurti, he creates that which Vishnu maintains and Shiva ultimately destroys, part of the neverending cycle of the universe. He is the master crafter of reality, but more importantly of unreality: as the world and all that populates it is but an illusion that humanity cannot see through, so it is Brahma who spins these stunning illusions from nothingness to provide form and function to that which cannot be understood without it.

Brahma and the Gods

It happened that several demons had begun to worship Brahma devoutly, and in doing so they gained such great power and righteousness that the gods could not defeat them in battle. Seeing this and recognizing that it could not go on, Vishnu disguised himself and went among the demons, loudly denouncing Brahma and convincing them to cease worshiping him in favor of a lawless existence. Once they had done this, they lost all the power of Brahma’s favor and were easily defeated by the gods, but Vishnu had done his work too well, and Brahma was henceforth worshiped very little on earth, even by devout mortals, which is why he has so few temples and worshipers when compared to the other gods of the Trimurti.

Brahma and the Many Universes

It is said that Brahma is so far above the marching of mankind’s days that even time moves differently for him; every day for Brahma stretches more than four billion years on earth, and he lives for one hundred days, trillions of years in human terms. At the end of each awesome day he closes his eyes and lies down to sleep, and the world is destroyed without his creation to balance it out; each morning he rises and creates it anew, thus perpetuating the cycle of the universe. When at last the unfathomable hundred years of Brahma’s life have ended he will die, and in another hundred years cause himself to be reborn to create a new universe from nothingness.


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