The Nemetondevos god of light and prophecy


Alternate Names Belenus, Beli Mawr, Belinus, Belisama, Grannos, Leucetius, Maponos
Pantheon The Nemetondevos
Powers Appearance Charisma Intelligence Health Prophecy Sun
Abilities Academics, Art, Empathy, Medicine, Politics, Presence


Belenos is above all the god of light, a source of comfort in the darkness and hope in despair. Once worshiped across all of Gaul as both himself and as his female guise, Belisama, he granted prophecy to oracles, tended the sacred healing wells, and taught the arts to his people, who viewed him as the most beloved of their gods. The Celtic festival of Beltane, which endured for centuries after his departure and is still practiced in small pockets today, was dedicated to him, a time of purification through light and renewal through procreation.

Belenos and the Theoi

Were it not for Belenos’ calm nature and ability to see the necessity of allies, the truce between the Nemetondevos and the Theoi would not exist; he is the glue that holds the very tentative non-aggression pact together, and he must frequently turn aside the wrath of others of his pantheon in order to prevent bloodshed that might destroy it. How long he can continue to maintain this delicate balance is anyone’s guess, as the Nemetondevos can barely contain their hatred and the Theoi seem to delight in exacerbating it. Of all of his pantheon, he is the only god who attempts to maintain cordial relations with any of the Greeks, though he says nothing of his personal feelings on their ancient enemies.


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