The Yazata god of holy cleansing fire


Alternate Names Adar, Adur, Ataksh, Atarsh
Pantheon The Yazata
Powers Intelligence Fire Justice Mystery
Abilities Command, Fortitude, Integrity, Occult, Presence, Survival


Atar is the Ever-Burning Flame, the god of holy fire and source of all light and heat; it is he who burns away the lies and impurities of the world, revealing the truth for all to see, and also he who burns away sicknesses, ills and curses from those worthy few brave enough to beg his help. As the bringer of light, he is also the bringer of enlightenment, sharing the glow of wisdom, knowledge and learning with any who choose to see it, and through the unflinching flame of his gaze strips away all untruths and injustices through the power of his scorching heat.

Atar and the Dragon King

When the Yazata strode forth to battle the evil three-headed dragon Azhi Dahaka, it happened that in the heat of the struggle Mithra slipped and fell beneath the monster’s blade, mere moments from death. Seeing this, Atar heroically sped between the two of them and ordered the monster to depart. Dragon and god struggled bitterly, Azhi Dahaka claiming he would extinguish the Ever-Burning Flame forever if he attempted to stand between him and his prey, but Atar created a flame that licked the ground around them and singed the dragon’s loins. He warned Azhi Dahaka that he would create a fire so hot that it would travel up through his genitals and spew forth from his mouths, burning everything in its path; cowed by the thought of the god’s unbearable flame in his most tender places, the dragon slithered away, allowing the Yazata to come to Mithra’s aid and rally for the next battle.


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