The Nemetondevos goddess of darkness and war


Alternate Names Andate, Andrasta, Arduina, Artio
Pantheon The Nemetondevos
Powers Dexterity Perception Wits Darkness Moon War
Abilities Awareness, Command, Marksmanship, Melee, Survival, Thrown


Andarta, a goddess of darkness and savagery, is one of the most feared of the Nemetondevos; she represents war without quarter and slaughter without mercy, and is the major tactician and battle-planner of her pantheon. Called She Who is Most Bearlike for her prowess in battle and hunting alike, she can track any beast or man and is an unconquerable force on the battlefield, the very epitome of the Gaulish warrior spirit.

Andarta and Athena

All of the Nemetondevos hate the Theoi, whose gods conquered their territory and destroyed their worship and their people, but Andarta is especially vindictive, and it is toward Athena that the brunt of her rage is directed. It was Athena who masterminded the Roman attacks and bestowed the battle tactics that decimated the Gauls, and it was Athena that the Romans replaced Andarta with when they set about destroying the Gaulish religion. Andarta is known to be likely to kill any Scion of the Theoi that crosses her path unless there is a compelling reason not to, but Scions of Athena must be especially concerned about avoiding her wrath.


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