The Yazata goddess of life, water, and plants


Alternate Names Aban, Anahid, Anahit, Anaitis, Ardvi Sura Adwisur
Pantheon The Yazata
Powers Appearance Intelligence Fertility Health War Water
Abilities Academics, Control, Empathy, Integrity, Investigation, Medicine


Anahita is the goddess of life and the surrogate mother of mankind, providing them with her favor and the endless waters at her command in order to let them flourish. All the plants of the earth depend on her largesse for survival, and crops and fields grow lush and fertile under her care. Her waters represent not only the life-giving liquid granted to humanity but also the fertility and purity of the human body; she is at once a virgin goddess and a mother figure. An ancient being who was worshiped in Persia long before the rise of the larger religions, she is also a warrior maiden who rides into battle to protect her charges and a wise counsellor who warns of evil, a friend of her people in every aspect.

Anahita and the Supplicants

When Anahita was born, Ahura Mazda presented her to the world and instructed its people to worship her and provide her with sacrifices because of her great beauty and holiness. The people agreed and began to offer up sacrifices, each begging a boon of her in return. A shepherd sacrificed all of his horses and oxen to her and begged her to make him the ruler of the earth, and, seeing that he had given her all he possessed, she agreed. Seeking to ruin the shepherd’s new happiness, Ahriman, disguised as a simple druj, came to Anahita and offered her the same sacrifice, asking that she empty all the countries of the world of men, but she saw through his deception and refused his sacrifice, leaving him angry and bitter. To punish him for attempting to work such evil, Anahita agreed to help a brave warrior who made a sacrifice and begged her for her aid in stealing away the beautiful wives of the evil god. Ahriman’s wrath shook the heavens when he discovered his concubines were gone, but Anahita was so skillful in war that he dared not pursue them, and they vanished to earth with the warrior, hidden away from him for all time.


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