The Tuatha god of youth, inspiration, and happiness


Alternate Names Aengus Og, Angus, Aonghus, Mac ind Og, Mac Og, Maccan, Maponos, Oengus
Pantheon The Tuatha
Powers Appearance Manipulation Perception Animal (Swan)
Abilities Animal Ken, Art, Athletics, Awareness, Brawl, Occult


Aengus, often called the Young, is one of the least aged of the Tuatha, and will always remain so; a fresh-faced youth of incredible beauty, he is the god of love and beautiful inspiration, youth, happiness, sweetness, and all things pleasant. As carefree and benevolent as any god can be, he is also a courtier who stays ahead of his stronger fellows through careful manipulation; he is the most rapturously beautiful of gods, and as such is beloved by the entire pantheon.

Aengus and the Dagda

Aengus was raised in secret because of his illegitimate birth, but once he achieved manhood he set out to find his father, the Dagda, and demand his birthright of him. The Dagda had that very week divided up all his lands among his children, but he had not saved a portion for Aengus, who was disappointed and angered by his lack of consideration. Soulful and sad, Aengus asked the Dagda if he would then let him stay in the magnificent Bru na Boinne valley, which the Dagda had kept for himself, for a day and a night; the Dagda agreed, but the ancient Gaelic language had no indefinite article (“a”), so Aengus interpreted his assent to mean that he ceded the valley for day and night, henceforth forever, and so won his birthright from his father anyway.

Aengus and Caer Ibormeith

Aengus occasionally had prophetic dreams, and in one such he saw the face of a beautiful woman, lovely beyond compare. She appeared in his dreams for several nights in a row and he fell in love with her and set out to find her, wherever she might be. Even though his parents aided him, he was unable to find her for three long years before Bodb Derg finally located her in Connacht and discovered that she was a princess named Caer Ibormeith. She and her 149 sisters were under a curse that caused them to become swans every day of the year but one; Caer Ibormeith’s father, however, told Aengus that he could have her only if he could pick her out among the other 149 girls while all were in swan form. Aengus chose her successfully, and, changing himself into a swan as well, flew away with her and married her when the curse broke.


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