Alternate Names Atenemant, Derrick Daniel Sultan, Ducarius, Svatopluk, Sun-Prince
Primary Pantheon The Netjer, The Found
Powers Manipulation Animal (Falcon) Sun War
Primary Abilities Awareness, Command, Empathy, Integrity, Politics, Presence

Character Sheet

Very good, Pinkie Pie.

With the liquid gold power of sunlight borne in his veins, Abirakhet is the deity of the sun’s glory and the bearer of the sun in the absence of Ra, Horus, and Set. Nothing can hide from the keen scrutiny of his eye, and Abirakhet takes it upon himself to expose the darkest shadows hiding in one’s mind with great prejudice. Though a fearsome and fearless warrior with a battle fury that can level cities, he is also eminently thoughtful, an unparalleled guide through difficult decisions with wide-scale consequences. As such, he is a god of leaders and kings, and it is his scrutiny a pharaoh must constantly suffer.

Abirakhet’s Swallowed Eye

Long ago, Abirakhet, Iahkemet, Nesersenefs, Hedjsesmet, and Rerinyreakhet journeyed deep into Apep’s belly to the fallen city of Kem-Duat to seek the Swallowed Gods. They faced many trials together and eventually found the gate to Sekhet-Aaru. Only Abirakhet was worthy enough to pass through the gates; the others were quickly expelled into the wastes of Kem-Duat, save Iahkemet who crossed through without trouble for all is nothing beneath her feet. Together, Abirakhet and Iahkemet petitioned the pharaoh (who shall never again be named) to allow them to lead him and the lost spirits out so that they might rescue the Swallowed Gods. The pharaoh refused, instead casting them to Ammit, whom he had been keeping to swallow those who had displeased them. To free them, Iahkemet first requested Abirakhet’s eye, which he gave unquestioningly. She fed it to Ammit, and Ammit was satisfied. But Iahkemet knew the hunger in herself, and then requested Abirakhet’s other eye. He gave that one unquestioningly to her too, and she swallowed it. They freed Ammit to wreak havoc in the pharaoh’s court, and then took that opportunity to rescue the lost souls, their scattered companions, and finally the Swallowed Gods. Hedjsesmet saw Abirakhet’s empty sockets and tried to heal them, but could only restore one. Eventually Abirakhet’s wife, Sebamiewet, crafted him a new eye — but exactly to whose hunger his eye is lost remains unknown.


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